Finally Finished!

After many failed attempts (and a lot of learning), I have completed my MDTA interview.  It was certainly a challenge, but I feel far better prepared to film a video with my learners after creating this video and I have learnt a thing or two about filming.

1) Watch out when filming outside
I thought I had found a quiet spot when filming my first take of this video,  but my microphone still picked up an awful lot of ambient noise; I did not realise how distracting a slight breeze and a couple of birds could be! There was also issues with the sun and other people entering the shot. In the end we had to change location because removal trucks parked next to the field that we were in!

2)  Sort out your technology
 I had a number of technical issues; at one point I re-filmed the interview on a school camera only to discover that it had saved onto my computer without any sound and that the original footage was deleted.  In the end, I invested in a camera and tripod which meant that I could be far more flexible with filming and got a clearer film because of it.

3) Continuity
In the end I drew footage from three different takes of the interview. Although I had remembered to wear the same clothes and return to the same position, I could not ensure that my background remained exactly the same as I filmed in my classroom. I also found that the lighting changed dramatically, as two of the takes were filmed in the evening while one was filmed at midday.


  1. Hi Danni, I really enjoyed watching your video. I know that it was a huge challenge for you putting this together but you have done extremely well. Your video really showed me how passionate you are about providing the best opportunities for your learners. Well done getting your video done and sharing your teaching views with the world.

    1. Hi Clarelle, thank you for your kind words! It was certainly a challenge but I am happy to have created it.


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