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Reflecting on my 2020 Inquiry

 I have now 'completed' my 2020 inquiry. My focus question was: how can I support my students to monitor their own understanding of a text and their use of comprehension strategies? I have previously reflected on the impact that this inquiry had on my teaching and on student learning outcomes . In this post, I will be reflecting on the inquiry process itself - how well did I follow the teaching as inquiry framework? 1. Identify valued learning outcomes  I started the inquiry process well. I knew I wanted to focus on reading as our 2019 data illustrated a need to increase student outcomes in this subject. I had also been inquiring into the subject in 2019, so I was aware of research and other inquiries that could support my own. 2. Profiling student learning I was able to profile my students needs well. After using multiple methods of data collection, I developed a firm understanding of my students strengths and needs. This caused me to alter my initial inquiry focus. 3. Genera