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My Intervention - What changes have I made so far?

 1. Teaching Metacognition  I have continued with my intervention from 2020 in regards to teaching metacognitive skills. We rate our understanding out of five and explain what we need support with. This has worked out quite well, as it has definitely taught the students to think about their thinking - that we actually read for understanding and not because the teacher says so! 2. Mileage  I have increased mileage massively - the students read a journal article (and often a poem/image etc) every day. I tend to give them a short create activity that accompanies these and then link the texts across the week - either by theme, genre, topic etc. This means that the students are reading/ completing the activities independently during several of these lessons as I do not read with every group every day.  3. Taking the scaffolds away As such, I have removed the scaffolding some of my students came to rely on. They realise they actually have to read the text themselves, rather than waiting for