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Data Collection Source 1: Student Voice

 To inform my inquiry, I will be using three methods of data collection about my students needs. I have so far noticed that my students are stuck between reading ages 9 and 10 and that they struggle to independently comprehend the basic information from the story; it is very hard for them to summarise the main events.  To delve deeper to determine what might be holding them back, I will use their summative reading tests from term 1 (PAT), a formative assessment and student voice. In this post I will focus on my collection of student voice.  I gathered student voice data in two ways: online via a Google form and in discussion. I know that some students articulate themselves better through speech, but others might be shy to tell me their true feelings in person. My google form questions were: What are your hobbies and interests? How do you feel about reading?  How often do you read outside of class? (multi-choice: once a week, once a month etc.) What do you like reading about? What do yo

Establishing an Inquiry Focus - Who are my learners?

 In my last blog post , I chose reading as the subject of my inquiry focus. This was the obvious choice due to trends in our overall cluster data, reading data for years 7-10 and our school wide reading data.  I began to consider the aspects of my previous inquiries that I wanted to build upon, particularly my learning from 2020. I have also begun to draw upon the inquiries of my colleagues;  I have began going over past MIT projects and CoL inquiries to identify similar foci. So far I have been looking at the work of Amy Tofa , Angela Moala and Dot Apelu  who have had similar inquiries to mine in the past.  While I have chosen a focus on reading based on the cluster and school wide data, it is now time to consider this focus in the context of my classroom. What change am I hoping to see in student learning? As I previously discussed, both cluster and school wide data illustrate students becoming 'stuck' around the reading ages of 8-9.5. As such, I will start with a target gro