Camera Shy

I never thought that I would be camera shy, coming from a background in drama and the arts. In fact, I could not have secured my first job at 16 if I had not been able to act confidently in front of the camera. It seems that I had forgotten all of this when I stepped out to film my interview for the MDTA this Friday.

The aim of this session was to plan and film a response to a number of questions about our experiences with the MDTA. We were encouraged to think quite deeply about these questions and I spent some time deciding how I might respond.

Image result for cameraClarelle and I had decided to interview each other and went on a walk around the University Campus to decide where to film. We eventually settled on a picnic bench outside and I began to film Clarelle. I was feeling quite proud of the angles I had captured, but this confidence faded completely as soon as I stepped in front of the camera.

I became extremely nervous and found it difficult to simply introduce myself! After a while I became more settled and began to feel that we were getting footage that could be used, albeit with a lot of editing.

 Unfortunately, our footage did not come out too well. Despite using a microphone, our camera picked up on the sound around us. While shooting we had to pause on a number of occasions as removal vans approached our location and planes flew overhead, but we felt that our location was fairly quiet. We clearly should have paused a little longer as much of this was captured in our videos!

Although we didn't get much footage, I feel that we learnt a great deal about filming and the amount of noise that can be picked up. This has left me with a lot to consider in terms of making future videos and taking part in the Manaiakalani Film Festival. It has also once again highlighted the difficulty that the Class OnAir teachers must face as there is far more noise in the classroom than what we were dealing with!


  1. Totally sympathise with your location difficulties Danni. And I agree that it is good to have this experience before you attempt working with children (and animals!). I saw a fabulous gadget the other day that enables children to record audio in the classroom and reduce the distracting sound that I will show you all on my return. But it doesn't solve the problem of filming outside.

    1. Thanks Dorothy! Yes it is so good to experience these things so that I have a better idea of what to do with my learners. That gadget sounds wonderful - we will look forward to learning about it!

  2. Great reflection Danni, and important to move on from. I was surprised you were camera shy! Maybe for your recordings pretend you are having a conversation with someone? And set up the camera in a way that isn't in your face, super threatening :) You have great stories and accomplishments to share - look forward to seeing what you create!

    1. Thanks Georgia! I think we did have the camera set up so that it was right in our faces so that is a very good point. I look forward to seeing yours!


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