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Inquiry Update

Its now just over halfway through the year and my literacy inquiry has been successful. All of my students had good results in reading and I can see their confidence has grown. This week we have been working on inferencing and I am so impressed with my students ability to read between the lines - we have come a long way and I have been throwing some really challenging content at them. I am now going to change my focus to maths, as this is an area that I have less confidence in, since moving to the 'DMIC' approach. Two years ago I conducted a dissertation looking at effective differentiation in maths. I had some great results, but did not keep to the programme I was looking at as we moved to the DMIC approach. I would now like to integrate components of this approach with DMIC. In my dissertation I offered multiple opportunities for my students to engage with a particular maths concept; we did a few problems (similar to DMIC), watched videos, held workshops, used materials