Becoming Weather Presenters using Google Maps

At Glenbrae, maths is taught through problem solving and mathematical investigations. As my learners are looking at time and temperature at the moment, I thought a problem involving the weather would be very fitting.

After showing my learners a video of a weatherman, this was the problem that they were posed with:

They had to decode a number of clues to determine the temperature at various locations. These clues required the students to add and subtract positive and negative integers. To support this, we provided the children with number lines.
These cards could be cut up and presented as cards

Once they had completed this, they entered the temperature at each destination on a Google my map so that it could be used for a weather . The learners made a copy of this map, entered their findings and were then tasked to video a short clip of themselves presenting the weather in part of their map. This would then be shared through their blogs.

I was really pleased with the level of engagement we had with this task. The children also collaborated well and there was lots of mathematical discussion taking place.  After realising how nerve wracking it can be in front of the camera last week, I did allow some students to present with a support person if they were the only member of the group at school at the time. We could definitely work on building our confidence and speaking clearly, but overall it was an enjoyable experience and a lot of learning took place.


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