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Maths Progress

This term I have been trying a new timetable for maths. We have started with a short DMIC problem on Monday, to introduce the concept in context. Then we have had workshops, activities, videos and used materials (where appropriate) to unpack the concept. We then end the week with a problem and apply our knowledge while working collaboratively. My class seem more settled, more engaged (both cognitively and behaviourally) and we seem to be able to get more students to meet AO's more efficiently. The students seem to enjoy applying their knowledge at the end of the week as they tend to have more success and feel proud of their progress. A 3A 4B B 3A 4B C 4B 4A D 3A 4B E 4B 4A F 3B 3A G 3B 3P H 4A 5B I 3B 3A J 3B 3A K 4B 4A This term we started a unit on measurement and the table above displays the pre and post unit results from eAsttle testing (for my target group). This unit took place over six weeks and we only assessed one unit, but it is promising and indicates