Bringing Code into the Classroom

Since coding entered the NZ curriculum, there has been a real surge in teacher professional development in this area.  Personally I am thrilled to see an increasing number of students find the joy in code. It really does feel good to programme something, no matter how simple it might be.

I have been very fortunate to have been able to include coding in my teaching since I first started out, thanks to the PD I received from  organisations such as OMGTech! and events such as EdTech Summits. The biggest enabler to my teaching however, is definitely the hour of code. If you haven't been on this site before then you have my blessing to stop reading this post and sign up to the site right now. Seriously, it makes coding so simple!


There is of course some skill required to integrate coding into your current programme. This was why my colleague Hannah West and I lead a short workshop into bring code into maths. We hope that these examples give you some ideas of how coding can fit into different areas of the maths curriculum. For us, coding is a wonderful 'create' activity; an opportunity for students to apply mathematical knowledge in a new context.

How will you bring coding into your classroom?


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