How will I Monitor my Intervention?

In our last COL meeting, we discussed our chosen interventions and started to come up with ways that we would manage these. I realised just how easy it is to forget some of the micro-decisions that you make, particularly during 'live' teaching. So it is vital that you record any decisions and alterations that you make along the way.

 However, it is also important to track effects of these changes and the intervention as you go, as opposed to simply taking pre and post intervention data. We can be far more reflexive, and make far more of a difference if we see our intervention as something that evolves. 

Here were my thoughts following the meeting:

How will you collect information about the changes to your practice or intervention?
  • I will take notes in my teacher planning to show where I have adapted my planning or if I have done something different in my micro teaching.
  • I will record two lessons with my focus group, 5 weeks apart. This will help me pick up on anything that I have changed subconsciously and also highlight the students progress.
  • I will continue to discuss my inquiry with others and reflect on my practice. I will note my thoughts on my blog and teacher planning.

How will you monitor the effects of your changes?

  • I will monitor my students response to my live teaching and note this in my planning
  • I will monitor my students independent work and their answers to the student voice surveys
  • I will record reading sessions with my target group and note any progress that they may make.
  • I will look at my students progress on read theory, as this requires them to independently make sense of unseen texts.
Of course I will still use summative assessment data, particularly the PAT results at the end of the year, to monitor the effect of my intervention overall.


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