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Today I attended a Manaiakalani PLG which focused on the share element of the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy.

We first discussed the benefit that sharing has for our learners and we looked specifically at blogging. We investigated the research that has been conducted regarding the benefit of blogging during the school holidays and I was amazed at the effect that it had on the students learning. I created the following sketchnote to illustrate the key findings of this research, although I found this quite difficult to create as the information was presented live!

We then discussed the way infographics can make data more accessible to viewers,  as our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. If you are interested in using infographics, this website illustrates some of the infographics that are most commonly used.

Our task was then to create infographics that were related to blogging. I decided to make an infographic for my two bloggers of the month for July. I used Canva to create this, which is free and fairly easy to use. These two students have been consistently winning this competition and made 51 blog posts last month alone!

I did quite enjoy creating these infographics and think that I will use this template for this purpose in the future!


  1. Two fascinating DLOs here Danni. When you display Luisa's blogging achievements in this way it makes a great impression. I hope she is going to display your infographic on her blog!

    1. Hi Dorothy, that is a fabulous idea! At the moment the infographic is up on our 'blogger of the month' wall, but it would be great to put it on her blog as well.

  2. Wow those are really great Danni. Looks like a lot of fun and I know our students will enjoy learning about sketchnote too. Anne mentioned today at our PLG she had observed a lesson at the college where a Social Studies class were using sketchnote.

    1. Thanks Amy! I think they would be really cool for reading - I can think of a few students who would enjoy making them!


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