Inquiry 2019

This year I am going to be focussing on generating discussion in my classroom. In my previous inquiry I underestimated the power of discussion. I loved facilitating debate and getting my students to discuss their ideas before writing. This was a huge part of my literacy programme and I believe it really supported my students to achieve in writing.

I want to focus more on generating this discussion, with the intent of using more academic vocabulary and the language of learning. I found from my inquiry last year and the Woolf Fisher data that vocabulary and the language of learning are holding my students back in all subjects.

Essentially, I am looking at the problem from my past inquiry once again, but altering my approach to see if I can achieve greater results.


  1. Thanks for the summary of the issue. I wonder whether looking into the NZC English Achievement Objectives at level 5 (and upwards into 6) might offer you insight into the sorts of language and thinking (and thinking about language) skills your approach will need to foster.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for the advice, I will definitely look into those Achievement Objectives!


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