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Ignite presentations are efficient and ensure that the speaker uses their allocated five minutes wisely (and do not run over time). I had first experienced ignite talks at the Manaiakalani Hui, where teachers presented about their inquiries and found the concept impressive but daunting. The concept is simple, you have 20 slides which run for 15 seconds each,  adding up to a five minute presentation.

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In our PLG, we were given the task of creating an ignite talk on a topic that we pulled out of a hat. In my case, I was given the reading "Policies of Distraction" by John Hattie.  We were given three hours to learn about our topic and create our slides. These presentations were created through Keynote, which meant that we would be able to animate and time or slides simply.

My slides became simpler as time went on!

My topic was concerned with the policies that we create and follow, which do not accelerate learners. Hattie noted things like labelling children and keeping them at the same level for an extra year to be among this type of policy. I found it quite an interesting reading and did not struggle to come up with a five minute speech about the topic.

As you are so determined to meet the 15 seconds,  it is hard to be afraid of public speaking!

However, I did run out of time when it came to developing my slides. At the start of my slideshow I put time into my images and added animations, yet I ran out of time quite quickly and the latter half of my slides were not as appealing. As you would usually have more time to perfect the design of the slides and practice your speech to ensure that the timing works,  this form of presenting is not quite as difficult as I first thought. Were the occasion to arise, I would be happy to create an ignite presentation in the future.


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