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Today's goal was to create to learn, with our "create" taking the form of an explainer video. I definitely feel that I learnt a lot about creating video's - I now understand why my learners become so invested in them and how challenging they can be (when you take on something too ambitious!).

As soon as Fiona introduced our learning intention I immediately began to recall the number of groups in my class who are in the middle of creating videos at the moment. I am extremely proud of the work that my learners have put into these videos, particularly a group of my writers who decided to plan a story through drama, as they created and recorded an effective movie in a short time frame.  They also created some wonderful pieces of writing because of this.

Due to this groups success, I asked my reading group to create an ongoing movie which synthesised the texts that we read in the latter part of term one around Victorian England. It is now term two and I still have had to devote a bit of our reading time for the children to re-film sections of their script! I saw that they became very invested and eager to finish this beast of a video, but it was only today when I stepped into their shoes that I understood why; I made the exact same mistake as my learners, taking on a project that was too ambitious and becoming too invested to let it go.

I had originally planned to create a stop motion whiteboard style video, using a variety of images and then filming a voice over commentary on top. I planned each image quite carefully and photographed what I wanted to draw and when to support me when filming the real video. However, I had numerous technical issues arise - my practice run took me 20 minutes to draw, my phone did not properly record much of my footage and in the end refused to take videos altogether.

With ten minutes to spare, I called upon Ashley to film my video in short sections through my laptop, which she had to carry around in order to capture different areas of the whiteboard! Due to the time constraint I simply removed the majority of my drawings from my previous take and added some detail to each. Editing this footage together took sometime and I found that because my new clips were quite short, I couldn't fully explain what I wanted to say without making them painfully slow.

Although my finished product is unlike the video that I originally planned, I definitely learnt a lot about creating videos and feel like I will be better able to support my learners because of this!


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