Planning for my 2022 Inquiry

As the end of the year approaches, I have a lot to reflect upon. I have noticed many changes in my learners since returning from maternity leave. As a mum, I have found a new sense of passion and enthusiasm for teaching. 

I will use the questions below to help me to consider my focus.

 What achievement challenge are you considering as an area of focus in 2023 and why? Include in your WHY both evidence and your own passion/expertise

I would like to focus on Achievement Challenge 4. Increasing the achievement of students in years 7-10, with a focus on reading. This is simply because our data once again identifies this as an area that we need to address. I am confident in my maths teaching, and understand the importance of reading at college. 

On returning to maternity leave I definitely noticed a difference with my learners engagement and self- efficacy when it came to reading. They were good readers but had a very poor view of themselves. 

What learnings from the 2017 - 2022 CoL teacher inquiries have informed or inspired your thinking.

I was inspired by Robin Andersons inquiry this year, that was focussed on encouraging students to read for enjoyment as this was something I had seen in my own class. I also looked at Jessica and Emma's inquiries on teaching students about the learning process in reading lessons. I've found supporting students metacognition has supported my reading practice in the past. I also draw from my own inquiries, I have worked really hard in this area, making constant improvements to my practice but I have had to continuously make adaptations due to the impact that covid has had on teaching and learning. 

How would your work support Manaiakalani pedagogy and  kaupapa?

My interventions always follow the Learn, Create Share pedagogy and can be easily used by other teachers. As all my resources are visible, I know many of the DLO's that I have created through my past inquiries are used by other educators. 

Which elements of the extensive Manaiakalani research findings inform or challenge you as you think about this?

I know that we need more extended discussion. I've been successful at facilitating discussion in the past but I could do more of this in my inquiry.  I can see that the students who speak up the most in my reading group discussions tend to have a higher self-efficacy and perform better. 

How would you like to be supported in 2023 as you undertake this inquiry?

I would love to work collaboratively again and be able to discuss my ideas with others. I've missed having talanoa time this year! I also would like to work more with Naomi, as I can definitely see the benefit of extended discussion and critical thinking skills. 

How would you plan to support your colleagues in your school with THEIR inquiries and/or teaching in the area you are exploring?

I love to discuss teaching! I have done a lot of work in this area in the past, so have quite a few ideas about teaching reading already. I also know that I can learn from others. 


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