Back to Business!

It feels so good to be back at Pt England this term. I feel refreshed from my maternity leave and eager to get back to business!

I left part way through my most successful inquiry yet! My students were getting eyes on text like never before, we had great discussion and the whole class managed to read a novel (many for the first time). This meant that my students made great shift and I was really pleased with how I left them.

The week after I left for maternity leave, New Zealand entered another long lockdown. Some of my students didn't return until the very end of the year, if at all. In term one, sickness and a strong message to 'stay home if you have a sniffle' from the government meant that attendance was at an all time low.

This is still the case, it is now week five and there are a couple of students I have taught twice this term. Twice. I am definitely feeling the pressure to support these children, as they are often playing catch up and I am having to spend some class time explaining what they have missed. 

To combat this my teaching has changed, I am delivering a short activity and learning intention for each individual lesson and ensuring that they are completed then and there. This can be problematic, but it seems to be working best so far. 

But how can I build on from past lessons? How can I engage my students and encourage them to come to school? Can I make a difference in the time I have with them?

I am hoping to answer these questions in my mini reading inquiry. At this point I am focussing on engagement in particular, as no matter how great my teaching is, it has no impact in an empty classroom.


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