Enriching Your Reading Programme

What a way to end a term! This morning we fled our classrooms on the promise of coffee, pastries and a day full of professional development at Glen Taylor School. It was a fantastic day full of experts sharing their knowledge on effective reading practice.

Ko te Kāhui Ako o Manaiakalani - Dr. Rae Siʻilata and Kyla Hansell


The day kicked off with a keynote by Dr Rae Si'ilata.  This was inspirational. My biggest takeaways were to use more bilingual texts, to broaden my use and understanding of multi-modal texts and how sharing the power in the classroom is so important. I will be looking further into these slides and reflecting more about the provocation in the holidays.

Engage the High School Reader with Multimodal Resources - Kerry Boyde-Preece and Maria Krause


This was a fantastic refresher about the use of multi-modal resources, not only to build engagement but to enable students to be more cognitively challenged. This is something I am always interested in; a few years ago I presented at some of the DFI's about multi-modal learning and the reason why we value it so highly in Manaiakalani. I enjoy attending workshops like these to keep my passion going, but I always learn something new. In this case there were some fantastic links to multi-modal resources that could be used in class sites - I particularly liked the maths examples and will be using these in my classroom. I also really liked the idea of sharing students blog posts as resources/ multimodal texts themselves.

Pānui from Ngapuhi - Lee Whitelaw and Donna Yates

I have a lot of love and respect for the teachers from the north. Donna and Lee represent both the Te Hiku and Kaikohekohe Cluster which span from Cape Reinga down to Tautoro. They shared some of their junior school practice and we heard from a y7/8 teacher about her use of T-Shaped literacy in her classroom. It was great to hear from a teacher in a rural school and see the similarities across our clusters.


  1. Hi Danni, it's always good to connect with you ☺️. You share so much from your teaching practice, I'm glad you picked up something from us to put back into your kete.
    Nga mihi nui ☺️


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