Collecting Student Data - It's Working!

My students can be poor test takers. It was really evident when I collected my baseline data that some of my students were making careless mistakes in their reading test. I later discovered that a lot of this was due to the fact that they were not monitoring their own understanding of the text while they read. As such, we have been discussing this in class, using the framework below:

To gather data throughout my inquiry, I have been giving my students short mini tests, with an unseen levelled text (at instructional level) and a few questions. From this I also gave some students a Probe test to collect summative data as well.

I have selected a target group to focus on (I originally was looking at the whole class), who have consistently been in attendance for our literacy lessons since returning from the lockdown. Most of these students are achieving around their chronological age, but I believe have the potential to be achieving above it.

Year 7's

Boy 1

This boy has identified that he has not been visualising. He has started to employ strategies to make sense of unfamiliar vocabulary and look for clues in the text to make an inference. So far this year he has moved from 11.5 to 13 years.

Girl 1

This girl had a lot of decoding strategies, but she would struggle with comprehension. She has begun to re-read the parts of the text that she does not understand and look for clues in the text to make inferences. So far she has moved from 11 to 12.5.

Girl 2
This girl has grown a lot more confident in her abilities, it is now really clear that she is a fantastic reader and has a lot of strategies up her sleeve. Her inferencing is a particular strength and she has learnt to use  the clues in the text, the context of the story and her prior knowledge to make sense of what she reads. She has gone from a reading age of 12 to 13.5.

Year 8's

Girl 1

This girl has really started to enjoy reading this year. She has become far stronger at understanding the key information from a text and supporting detail. She used re-reading and the clues in the text to make sense of new vocabulary. She is also improving in inferencing, but this is still a next step for her to continue to advance in reading. She has moved from a reading age of 12 to 13.5

Girl 2

This girl has also found a love of reading recently. She is able to summarise and understand the key information from a text. She is an accurate decoder and fluent when reading aloud. She is developing the ability to make inferences in complex texts. Her current focus is unpacking unknown vocabulary, but she is beginning to apply strategies to make sense of unknown words. She has moved from a reading age of 11.5 to 13.5

Girl 3

This girl has always been a strong reader, but she  reached a plateau for a while as she was missing some of the subtilise of a text. She articulated that she sometimes became content with just a general understanding of the text as she wasn't paying attention to the finer details. She has moved from 14 to 14.5


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