Online Distance Teaching During Covid-19

If you asked me two weeks ago how prepared I felt to teach exclusively online, I probably would have laughed. I found it really hard to imagine a world where I couldn't visit my classroom or speak to my students face to face. But we have adapted and we have a programme underway.


In fact, we managed to get up and running on Tuesday - the first day that our students weren't able to attend physical school. My team leader had decided that we should begin to teach our students what distance learning might look like on Monday (this was awesome as many of us thought we would have longer at school), so we just managed to teach our students some protocol and gave some quick advice before we closed our doors.

Since then, we've been able to stay in contact and deliver our lessons through Google Sites and Google Meet/ Hangouts. In the short video above, I explain what our daily programme looks like and how we plan for learning. I really hope the video gives you some ideas of what can be done and some ways to stay in touch with your learners. For more information about this, check out my class on air page, which includes planning and learner blog posts.

Kia kaha!


  1. Fantastic Danni, I believe everything you have put into practice to support visible teaching and learning in the past has empowered both you and your learners to make this transition so quickly. Ka Mau te Wehi!

    1. Thanks Fiona, it has definitely paid off at this time!

  2. Love your work Danni! Ngā mihi

  3. We can see the connection in what you are doing here Danni. The video spoke to the people reading your blog too. I am using this to help others understand what they are supporting in keeping the learners devices going over the lockdown period. Interesting to see the stripped down nature of the content (coming back from the instructional level). Kia pai tō rā.

  4. Awesome work Danni. You have always been someone I look to for ideas and inspiration in my teaching. I know this blog post will help many teachers across New Zealand and perhaps the world during this time. What were the biggest design challenges you had in transitioning your program to fully distance learning? Looking back what have you learned and reflected on during this process? Thank you for all the support you give me and all you do for the wider teaching community.

  5. You make it look effortless Danni and not scary at all. I like the way you have been economical and consistent in your instructions, so students can self manage. You have included all the elements necessary to show the importance of relationships, communication and engaging material which connects to your programme. Your Class on Air lessons also provide different topics you have taught. You have been an important contributor to helping many others. kia kaha


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