Tool Takeaways from Edtech Auckland

One of the best things about Edtech is picking up new sites, tools or tech tips that can be applied in the classroom. This is a list of some of the useful tools that I have learnt about throughout this summit:

The Most Dangerous Writing App
This is a cool idea for quick quickwrites. The site gives you a time limit to write and it does not allow you to stop - the second you stop typing, your text will disappear! A bit gimmicky and a red will come up and tell you that you've failed, but it could be fun once in a while.

iFake Text Messages
This is one of the best fake text messaging sites I've come across. They could be used to show a text conversation between characters or even for a Cybersmart lesson.

My Simple Show
This is a really cool website which allows you to make a slideshow with voiceover very quickly. It auto selects images for you based on the text, but you can choose your own from their library as well. It's not as creative as making one independently, with your own images, but it is good if you are in a hurry!


Google Experiments
There are some really fun new things to try out on this site. We had fun with Quick, Draw which is a doodling app where the computer is trying to guess what you are doodling. You can also see other peoples doodles, to get an idea of how humans represent that item.

Tour Creator
Just like my maps, only here you make a 360 tour. This could simply take you around a school, area or even around the world! Worth checking out when teaching social studies and geography!


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