Building Experiences

This year I have learnt the value of providing rich experiences for my students, particularly as prompts for writing.  As the year has progressed, I have noticed that my students are asking to learn about a more diverse range of topics, from learning languages to learning about ancient history.

Over the past four weeks we have travelled to a farm and learnt about how farmers run their businesses, shear sheep and herd cattle. We have learnt to make scrambled eggs, dioramas, models and to play hockey. We have also learnt a little about Etymology and had a sign language lesson with a tutor from Deaf Aotearoa.

Learning to sign this week

From these experiences I have seen my students vocabulary increase and they have been able to create very rich pieces of writing. I have found the true value of language experiences and intend to utilise these to support my year six students in particular, as they are focussing on the recount genre this year.


  1. Sounds like you have been up to some cool things Danni! I love how you had a sign language lesson, particularly as it was NZSL week recently! These are awesome opportunities which your learners may not have had outside of school, you have inspired me to try and think of some ways to give real life experiences in my classrooms. Look forward to signing with you, handwaves :)

  2. Reading your blog post has reminded me that I need to keep using what I learnt from our lesson with Tom. Thanks for posting.


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