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After conducting a presentation of my class site for a university assignment a few weeks ago,  I realised that it was time to confront my fear of public speaking. As such, Clarelle and I went to present about digital teaching to a group of Bed (Hons) students at the University of Auckland.

This was quite a daunting idea at first, but I decided to jump in and give it a go. With someone I trust by my side, I was able to deliver my presentation more confidently than I had done before and actually found it quite enjoyable.

                                                    Our Presentation

I also realised how far I had come in my digital knowledge since the start of my teaching career (only a little over a year ago).  Back then I was only just learning to use Google Docs and had just discovered my drive. I also used to really struggle to make videos or engage with multi-media. Now I have overcome these fears and I am using them more than ever - voluntarily filming videos with my class and editing them with ease.

I look forward to seizing more opportunities to share this knowledge and to speak about my journey with others. I think if I can make this much progress (with a lot of support) others can too, and I would love to aid in their digital journeys as well.


  1. I am really happy to see you share your presentation as I was blown away by your meticulous preparation of the e-tivities when you shared your site with us. You create such amazing resources to the point where I have bookmarked your site and use it as inspiration for my own digital practice!

    1. Hello Heath, how are you? Hope all is well. I do agree that Danni's site is inspirational.

    2. Hi Heath,

      Thank you so much for your comment! Do take anything that might suit your learners. I was really inspired after our summer school paper and what Rena taught us about e-tivities.

  2. Miss Stone I am glad to read your peer (Heath) and I am sure others too were impressed by your site. You have put in so much work into your site starting from the end of last year. I too enjoy looking at your site and also find your use of images, videos, text to be very inspiring for learning. Proud of you :).

    1. Thank you so much Mrs Tofa. It has been lots of work so I am glad that you like it!


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