Manaiakalani Film Festival

Last Wednesday I spent the day as an Usher at Hoyts Sylvia Park. No, I haven't had a career change, instead I was helping out at the Manaiakalani Film Festival, where around a hundred student created movies were played in three theaters. 

This was really exciting for the students of the 12 schools who participated, and their teachers as it was the culmination of the hours of hard work that goes in to creating a movie. These movies varied greatly, with Pokemon, the Olympics and Poi E being some of the favorite themes. The movies also used claymation, animation, stop motion, puppets, green screens and other special effects.

Not only was it great to see the films at the cinema, but also wonderful to see all of the kids interacting and viewing the different movies through their blogs. 

I was really proud to see my class' movie play on the big screen. We had a real job attempting to film it as our script writers had created quite an ambitious story! It took a few days to complete and although I assisted with the editing, it was student filmed with the learners taking on various roles from being in charge of the filming, music, costume etc. 

The best thing for me was the reaction that it got from the younger students at our school. The lead characters are now being called Respect Boy and Energizer Girl by the junior school who absolutely loved our "Glenbrae Superheroes". This has been incredibly rewarding and I look forward to creating another movie next year!


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