This morning I have been creating a Sketchnote in order to share my learning. Sketchnoting is a creative form of note taking that can be carried out in real time or after an event. It supports note taking as you are paring words and visuals in a structure that is easy to follow.

When experimenting today I made a Sketchnote that summarised a discussion about how our students share their learning in the Manaikalani cluster. As I was sketching I did regret not planning my Sketchnote in advance as some of it was a out of order. I also created the whole thing on a very tiny piece of paper, which added to the difficulty of the sketching. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the sketching session and felt that it cause me to think quite carefully about my topic.

 I can imagine myself using this when listening to lectures and completing academic readings. I can also see it engaging some of my learners and it would enable them to share and solidifying their learning in a creative manner. I can imagine integrating a Sketchnote into reading in order to summarise the plot, themes or characters, or in maths to add an image to explain a strategy or thought process.


  1. I really think our boys will love this as they love sketching. I say lets plan to bring this into our learning and see how they go.

  2. I was thinking that! It would definitely work well in reading/inquiry to share learning about new topics.


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