Becoming a Google Certified Educator

After successfully completing a three hour exam, I am now a Google certified educator!

I had completed my Google fundamentals training throughout the school holidays, so I was a little worried about taking the exam more than a month after completing the training. Despite having to go back and do a little revision, completing the training before school started meant I was much better prepared to teach in a Manaiakalani school.

I found that still learnt a few things while taking the exam as it quite a large practical component. After completing some multi choice questions, you were given a temporary Google Apps for Education account and had to complete tasks using various Google tools. The tasks included assigning work in Google Classroom and working with student data in Google Sheets.


Despite being a little anxious I passed the exam and felt that I over thought a lot of the questions. The Fundamentals training prepared you well to pass the exam, despite being required to score above 80 percent to pass.

The Google Fundamentals training is free and I would recommend it to any educator teaching in a digital classroom. There was a small cost to become certified, but I also felt I learnt a lot taking the exam and would be interested in taking the level 2 course. For those who are particularly passionate, there is also a later option of becoming a Google Trainer or Innovator. 


  1. Congratulations! I believe the value for you in getting this 'piece of paper' is to give you confidence that you do indeed have the fundamental skills to use the 'tools of the trade' in a digital learning environment. With that reassurance you can move your focus back to where it should be - becoming and increasingly effective teacher and lifelong learner :) Level 2 next? - Go for it!!

    1. Thank you! The training has been so valuable for me in the classroom, as have our Friday MDTA sessions. It was great using Google Docs while conferencing with my students the other day and being able to show them different ways of using the app/ add ons. I was able to remain in the role of educator and keep up with my learners!

  2. Google Certified Educator. Pretty cool Danni. Congratulations on passing your exam.


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