Transformative Progress

This afternoon teachers from the Manaiakalani cluster gathered in the hall at Tamaki College to receive feedback about our cluster data from Woolf Fisher.

The session started with an introduction from Pat Sneddon. He reminded us of the journey that we have taken; from an initiative that started in 12 schools, the Learn, Create, Share or Manaiakalani model is now live in 100 schools. What a huge achievement! He then delivered the news that the government has now committed to taking it into more low decile schools across the country, with crown funding!

It is always helpful to be reminded of where our learners are at as they enter our schools. They can identify and write far less words than the national average. Our new entrant teachers have a massive job helping these learners, and the data shows that their reading is moving relatively quickly, but they are still behind in writing.

Interestingly, in the higher year levels, students were making far more progress in writing than they were in reading. Is this because our writing starts off lower and thus is easier to shift? I would be really interested in looking into this in greater depth. I think I will more closely track my students reading progress against their writing progress to see what this will look like in my class.


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