Friday, 28 October 2016

Class on Air

I have written before about my admiration for the teachers who participate in Manaiakalani Google Class on Air.  At the beginning of the year I found it intimidating simply to publish my lessons online, so it seems incredibly brave to film a live lesson! However, this is what we have been planning in todays PLG (although ours won't be published on the Class OnAir site).


For my Class OnAir style lesson, I have decided to try a teaching strategy that I have been planning for some time. I have noticed that a few of my learners still need support in developing detailed ideas in writing and that working collaboratively has provided some support. I have also been looking at bringing gaming into my lessons as this is something that my learners are interested in. So, I introduced the idea of playing Dungeons and Dragons with them.

Unfortunately we experienced several technical issues when filming this video, so I have included the video for our introduction for the session and a screen cast to illustrate a snippet of game play. I also sped up the parts of the video where we are mostly reading aloud and discussing what can be read in the slides. I hope this gives you and idea of how our RPG functions and how the use of Google Docs and Drawings supports the game play.

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